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Political party Communists of Petersburg (CP)

Political party Communists of Petersburg (CP)

In April 2003 a new political party Communists of Petersburg (CP) was set up in Saint-Petersburg. CP acts in St.-Petersburg and the Leningrad region and has an official. The organization consists of the workers, serving employees, students, pensioners retired juridical legal status . The social structure of the organization is universal broad. As party Communists of Petersburg unites politically active workers, ecologists, youth leaders, organizers of the public self-governmented committees and of other civil activists united under the socialistic ideology. The approximate average age of the members of CP is 35.

Our organization has deputies of the municipal councils in many districts of the city. At With support of a the party Communists of Petersburg one deputy is elected of to the parliament of St.-Petersburg .Since the beginning CP takes part in all election campaigns: from the by-elections into the St.-Petersburg parliament to the governors elections and elections into the State Duma. Supported by Communists of Petersburg the candidates of the major districts won from 5 to 20% votes. In October, 2009 CP has become successful on in elections of deputies of the city council of industrial city Slanci of Leningrad region. Were is There were elected two deputies-communists.

Communists of Petersburg also actively participate in demonstrations of workers, protest actions and meetings.

CP supports relations with all communistic parties of Russia, also left-centered parties. CP comes out sharply against authoritarian and antisocial course held by the power of Russia and considers it necessary to unite left and democratic powers fighting against this course.

"Communists of Petersburg" are interested in establishing contacts with the left parties and movements for the exchange of experience, information and organization of the concerned actions.

The chairman of political party "Communists of Petersburg" Sergei Malinkovich

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