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02.07.2010 .

Saint-Petersburg Communists

reference to the South African people

 South African brothers!

 We, soviet Saint-Petersburg Communists from Russia, many years were helping and sympathizing South Africa indigenous population struggle against apartheid! We were providing political, financial and military support to glorious African National Congress. And after the South African population victory we were very glad when South Africa got the right to handle World Football Championship.


However it became clear now that rich countries cheated both yourself and us. Russian football players were not allowed to the Championship. Korean team exposed to mockery, kidnapping and players substitution. FIFA and western fans mocked at  South Africa team. You were not allowed to play the pipe in vuvuzela. They were laughing and insulting you as in time of racians ruling. And then the South African team was not allowed to play in the championship final! It never happened that the country, which is welcoming the championship is not paying in the final.

 In that way we together – South Africans and Russians and also our brothers from Korea became nekolonializm, racian discrimination and XXI century oppression victims. World Football Championship lost its sense and legitimacy now, when South African, Korean and Russian team are not playing there South Africa, Russia,  Democratic People's Republic of Korea . Socialist countries teams were also dismissed from the games. Imperialists are willing play the ball, obtain gold medals and multimillion bonuses.

 Therefore Saint-Petersburg Communists are calling you to remember liberatory struggle against apartheid traditions. Because FIFA and western football teams are the today apartheid! Let’s handle joined struggle against FIFA bureaucracy, NATO countries football players and their fans. Let’s South African Fighting working class announce common strike against the championship!

 Drivers, do not take football players to the stadiums! Famous taxi drivers in caps from Durban, drive them there and leave in the middle of unknown city! Waiters do not feed racial football players and FIFA officials in the restaurants! Maids, do not serve fat The arrived bourgeois in the hotels! Play the pipe in vuvuzela straight into awful hairy ears! Beautiful African women! Deny football players from the West and FIFA sexual maniacs in rendezvous and Love appointments! Cookers –Veterans of movement a Nation Spear ! Spit into coffee and stakes, eaten by gluttonous USA and Western European football players! Dear boys and girls, South African pioneers, write Loud the slogan ANK-SACP on Championship judges cars and puncture tires!

 Your struggle and your boycott should be necessarily peaceful, without violence! Because any violence is only discredit our great common movement for Africa and Asia new clearing, for new worldwide football! We should To force the FIFA and western football players to the knees! Revenge for sister – Korea! Revenge for friend – Russia! Revenge for Mother – Africa!

 …!  Long live national-liberatory movement in South Africa! Long live ANK, SACP, KOSATU!

 Long live comrades Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo Chris Hani

Joe Slovo ! Long live Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il!

  Let friendship between African, Korean peninsula and Russia  strengthen!

Shame upon racists and imperialists from western football games ! No - to FIFA neocolonialism!

 Pass leather football ball into oppressed  planet peoples hands, workers and peasants !

: http://kplo.ru/content/view/1513/5/

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