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05.04.2013 .

The address party Communists of Petersburg to the working people of Great Britain

Address to English workers, peasants, labor intellectuals,and oppressed Blacks of England, certainly.

Comrades! this letter by inhabitants of the hero town of Leningrad, Petersburg, the most beautiful city of Russia and the whole world.

These days to Petersburg arrived an asocial element the addict from your country Adele Morse and created suspicious monster fo - addict , or uporoty foxes. Using the communications with the criminal world of Russia, the Englishwoman continuously insult to Petersburg, Russians, veterans of war and pensioners, the fox monster calls a symbol of Russia the. Possibly, this of foxes monsters is infected with bacilli of terrible microbes. Indignation and hostility russians to England in this regard reached now the highest degree. Morse actions and the Fox connect with opinion of all British on Russia. Actually the question costs about severance of diplomatic relations, about new cold war. It is a little more, and the Russian people will demand from the Kremlin punish to England for insults . Really you want war between us? You want to see the Russian tanks on streets of London? You want ,that our heroes paratroopers took storm the Tower and Downing Street in reply to aggressive actions of your citizen? You don't like the peace and the international cooperation? Remember that DPRK will be our ally, and it won't begin to stand on ceremony with you. If you want the world , if you don't support Morse's insults against the Russian people, stand separate from this spiteful woman. Probably, you will have pacifists, who throw tomato past in Morse . Or will throw into her rotten eggs as you threw them into English fascists. Hold demonstrations at her house. You have to burn portraits of a fox on streets , because of whom our countries quarreled . Save the peace!. And the main thing - at you still is opportunity to declare that Morse doesn't represent the people of England that she is a fascist and the racist, the sadist and the torturer of animals and that it doesn't have a place on the English earth. Then we will forgive your country for the Fox, can be.

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