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The reference of Communists of Petersburg (Russia) to communists and the left forces of the USA

“To comrades of the Communist Party of the USA and also to Angela Davis, Leonard Peltier, Joe Maury – the man from the 5th Avenue, to the deceased Dr. Charles Hider relatives and Din Rid relatives, nd Samanty Smith relatives  

Dear comrades

The communists from the city of Great October Socialistic Revolution - from Lenin city Petersburg-Leningrad (Russia) are speaking to you. In the name of all the Russian communists we call you to debar the evil's forces candidate John McCaine from the winning on the United States presidential election. Certainly, we understand that Barrack Obama is not a lot better than McCaine and he is a capitalist and counter-revolutionary too. But nevertheless Obama is a rational person; he wants American armed forces to de-escalate from Iraq. Besides, he is ready for the negotiations with Ugo Chaves and Cuba. However, Obama criticizes Russians less than McCaine.

We Petersburg communists think that John McCaine`s election victory will lead to the Third World war. This gloomy old man rather like Dr. Evil from the movie had learned how to kill the people since Vietnam. Surely he wants to attack the whole world – Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and to launch nuclear rockets to the four corners of the earth. Lenin had taught all the communists to struggle for peace. Don’t you think that the fight of American communists against John McCain is a part of such struggle?

 We don`t want to tamper with domestic affairs of the USA! But we are eager to stop the war, because John McCain is a war. We want to be on friendly terms with ordinary Americans, but as we understand  John McCain wishes to turn Russia into the colony and capture Siberia with its natural resources.
Comrades! John McCain is a fascist; he will torment the American toilers, humble Afro-American people, ban all the USA communist organizations and help Ku Klux Klan. 

Thus we as internationalists are ready to assist the Communist Party of the USA and other USA progressive tradition with the struggle against McCaine.

Now we have to express our opinion as for Barrack Obama. At the beginning his programme was breakthrough. But he gave up practically all his good ideas later on under the pressure of the Pentagon capitalists. Nevertheless, if you help him to win you will be able to influence his politics and take your chairs in administration. Though there will be no war. Remember about the peace in the whole world.

Our advice is you comrades organize Afro-American march past Obama’s head office. Let the Afro-Americans demand from black-skinned Obama to come back to progressive political platform. He will be forced to bend to public pressure. Tell Obama, that Soviet Union stood up always for the rights of the USA black population. That is why Obama has no right to criticize Russia!

Besides, comrades, you should nominate own candidate to presidential election. Finally, when the communist will become a President of the USA? We are just dreaming of these times! And now let`s unite our power and power of whole world labor against McCaine who had been killing children in Vietnam.

If you want you can visit Saint-Petersburg seminar regarding election campaigning. Wish you good luck! Let’s choose the less of two evils!”

Central Committee of a party Communists of Petersburg and Leningrad  region



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