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06.07.2009 .


Mr. President Obama!

You are arriving to Russia tortured by the crisis came from USA. If you are really willing new relations between our countries, you have to reconsider much in your mindset.

Firstly reject your arrogance and habit of teaching Russians. Do you understand that Lenin and Stalin waken-up African nations? You would still serve White Masters without Lenin. And Ku Klux Klanners would not let you into the bus.
Afro-Americans were treated as heroes in Red Moscow and TV was showing cartoons about Afro-American children as friends while in America Afro-Americans were oppressed. Soviet pioneers cursed racists. Where is your gratitude? Bow to the Lenin's Mausoleum and thank Soviet Union for the help to Afro-American inhabitants of our planet.

Secondly how could you call English and American landing in Ardennes as decisive event of Second World War?! Fascism was defeated by USSR and Stalin! Americans did not want to die at the fronts and buy off by tasteless canned stewed meat and rusty Studebakers. Fall to your knees before Eternal Flame and confess!

Thirdly do you realize how USA were abasing Russia in 90th years of previous century? How Bush and unfaithful lover Bill Clinton were making fun of Yeltsin? Since that time stupid Hollywood movies, primitive advertisement and Big Macs coming from toxic Pacific Ocean swiped over our country. White House emissaries were taking out gold, oil, paintings, women and fur from Russia. When will we receive the compensation for humiliation of 90th, Mr. President?

 Fourthly please stop oppressing peoples of the world. Russians love Chaves, Fidel and Sandinists. You set fire to Honduras, keep troops in Afghanistan. When the blockade will be taken out from Cuba? Half of Cuban citizens are Afro-Americans. Are you Afro-American or not?!

Saddam Hussein followers successful revolt will take place straight after American invaders get away from Iraq.


What for do you make friends with fascist Saakashvili? No piece will take place until NATO surrounding Russia. Our advise - come back to Roosevelt Yalta agreements. Go out from post Soviet space and Eastern Europe. And then we'll forgive you.

People hating Russia are around you. Biden, Clinton, Brzeziński and awful old woman Albright  . Pick up good people into your team - Sam Webb, Bernie Sanders,  Noam Chomsky   ,  Jimmy Carter,   Stephen F. Cohen and Oliver Stone.


When will  Leonard Peltier   let out?! When will you admit  Dean Cyril Reed talent? Not US-Russia relations should be reloaded. Reload yourself self-confident guy from Illinois!

And the last one, Mister Obama. We can not respect a person, who betrayed his Teacher. Pastor-dissident Jeremiah Wright  made for you and Michele so much. While you betrayed your Teacher so villainously. Russians do not respect such a people.

If you still want to be reconciled, consider Communists of Saint-Petersburg (P) voice. And if you do not stop sponsoring Caucasus terrorists, we generate Indians, workers and peasants uprising and help to separate Texas.

You had enough of commandeering the World, captain America with delinquent hypothec!


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